Intimations 15 March 2020

  • Due to the Coronavirus, all church services have been cancelled until further notice.  Therefore the following will not meet as  had previously been intimated;
  • Monday @ 2 will not meet on 23rd March. The group hopes to restart in
  • Tuesday 17 March – 7.30pm-8.15pm Spanish Cafe with Vivi and Sadoc;
  • The Kirk Session meets this Thursday at 7.30pm;
  • Our final evening looking into Timothy Keller’s book ‘The Prodigal God’ has been cancelled, due to the Coronavirus restrictions;
  • We are unable to copy CDs at present, but all the sermons can be made available on USB memory stick.

Intimations 8 March 2020

  • The Spanish Cafe meets on Tuesday, from 7.30pm – 8.15pm.  An opportunity to learn Spanish in the company of Vivi and Sadoc.
  • Our 5th of 6 evenings looking into Tim Keller’s book ‘The Prodigal God’ is this Friday from 7pm-9pm.  There is a shared meal and video at the start of each evening.
  • We are unable to copy CDs at present, but all the sermons can be made available on USB memory stick.
  • Volunteers are needed to help with the Dalry Church Together, Care and Share Lunch, for food and friendship with people on the margins.  There is an initial meeting for those interested, in St Margaret’s Church Hall on Friday 13 March at 11am.
  • Dalry Community Council hope to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day by having events over 8th and 9th May.  There is a Planning Meeting in Rosearden this afternoon at 2pm.  Also in connection with this, anyone who is able to lend photographs of memorabilia from that era should contact Myra Sim.

March 2020 – Pastoral letter – Religions

On our sixth day in India we caught the 6am train from Jaipur to Delhi. A train journey seemed less overwhelming after so much time spent in road traffic, gridlocked and noisy and colourful and relentless amidst the endless throng of people. For several days we had spent time on the roads amidst buses, cars, lorries, motorcycles, Tuk Tuks, each capable of going fast but all going slow, five or six lanes of creeping traffic on three-lane highways. Train travel seemed so much less stressful.

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